Man Shows The Inside Of His Small House In The Woods

Man Shows The Inside Of His Small House In The Woods

Kris Harbour, 33, has been living in a tiny home in the woods since 2015. In a self-made home, he has everything that a modern home would have, including wireless internet, a stove, a restroom, a fireplace, and more.

The former Londoner documents his journey in a series of videos that not only give a tour of his home but give a rundown of his daily life.

Do you ever wish that you could escape the hassles and chaotic lives of our current society, if only for a day? Cottage homes and living away from society are two ideals that have become more popular in recent years.

Man Shows The Inside Of His Small House In The Woods

By living in a secluded area, we feel a sense of free will and believe that we can truly live our best lives away from public services and materialism. Of course, whether or not you are comfortable with this lifestyle depends on your personality and social connections.

Kris Harbour has been documenting his journey while living in a tiny home in the middle of some quiet woods.

Kris decided to take this step when he decided that he had enough of living in the big city, according to the ‘My story’ section of his website. He relocated from London approximately five years ago and sold almost all of his possessions. He then bought some land in Wales and built a small home, ideal for one person.

Man Shows The Inside Of His Small House In The Woods

He recorded his journey on his YouTube channel. The footage shows his daily routine and a tour of his new home. At his new home, Kris does not need grocery stores. He begins his morning by collecting eggs from his chicken coop. His chickens are kept in a secure place that is protected from the harsh elements of the winter.

After completing his morning chores, Kris shows a tour of his home and you might be surprised at how modern it actually is. His home has wireless internet, a functioning stove, and log walls that protect his home from rain throughout the year. His home also has a fireplace that burns wood. It provides an optimal and efficient source of heating and keeps his home warm all year round.

With a house made of logs, you might wonder just how sturdy his home actually is. In his tour of the exterior of his home, Kris explains how he cares for the walls. From daily observation to caulking, he takes the necessary precautions to ensure that his home is of optimal condition every day.

Man Shows The Inside Of His Small House In The Woods

One common misconception is that because his home is made of wood, it will eventually rot and will not last long. Kris addresses this by saying, “People have it in their heads that if you use wood with ingrain showing, it will immediately rot and disintegrate… and it’s just not the case.”

One important aspect of his home is that it is animal-friendly. He claims that birds often come to nest near his home throughout the year and bats frequently seek shelter near one of his windows.

His home is seemingly efficient, although one may wonder just how he keeps his home powered. He uses a hydro-generator, a source of energy derived from spinning water. The generator uses a turbine and running water to produce power as long as the water source does not diminish. While he does have solar panels too, hydropower is more efficient as it is not heavily reliant on the sun’s energy.

Man Shows The Inside Of His Small House In The Woods

After the tour of his home, he sits down in front of the camera and gives his viewers an explanation of why he chose to live this way.

He also advises individuals who hope to do the same one day. Regardless of whether the video inspires his viewers, he is happy to share his journey with everyone.

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