These Parents Begged for a Daughter But Got Something Completely Unexpected

These parents begged for a daughter but got something completely unexpected . Do you know the expression be careful what you wish for? Today’s video is about Angie and Gino who really wanted a daughter but got something completely unexpected, we’ll tell you what happened.

Angie and Gino. Angie and Gino were a young couple who couldn’t wait to have children together, they had always wanted a family and started talking about it early on in their relationship. They had even already decided on names for their future kids and when Angie finally got pregnant they were over the moon with the news.

Already before Angie and Gino got married, they knew that they wanted to have two children a boy and a girl. When GinO proposed marriage to Angie she immediately said yes and they had a beautiful wedding.

Soon after they got hitched Angie got pregnant and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy nine months later. The couple was very happy with their first child and then two years later Angie got pregnant again right on schedule. They had another boy this time… For the continuation watch the video.

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