Ukrainians fleeing with their pets seek help from neighboring countries

Ukrainians fleeing with their pets seek help from neighboring countries

Ukrainians fleeing with their pets seek help from neighboring countries

The images of Ukrainians fleeing with their pets reflect the chaos, fear, and uncertainty faced by hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in neighboring countries.
Some ran, holding only their clothes and loved ones on their backs, hoping to find a safe place to hide.

That is why many animal protection organizations in Europe and abroad are actively spreading the message among Ukrainians that they can bring their pets, allow them to cross the border, and that they should not leave their pets if they can bring them.

Subways in Kyiv

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Ukrainians fleeing with their pets 🐾

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The Czechoslovakian company Pet Heroes reports that Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia allow animals without documents (especially their rabies vaccination status), saying «everything can be done at the border» and asking Ukrainians not to let their animals go.

Pets may be quarantined for several days before receiving the necessary documents (or pet passport), but the animals will be allowed to cross the border with their families and will be kept safe. Pet Heroes also offers assistance to refugees and their pets while they are in the country.
Rescuers from Romania also offer assistance. Savas Safe Haven writes: «During the crisis in Ukraine, our shelter will operate to the best of its ability to help families seeking refuge in Romania, especially in our region. We will take care of the animals of these families (dogs, cats, or other small animals). ”

In the UK, small rescue groups share information with Ukrainian pet owners and animal advocates as it becomes available.
In North America, the animal welfare community is also mobilizing and connecting with animal rescue services and shelters in Ukraine, but this will take some time due to the crisis in Ukraine.

When it comes to animal shelters and rescuers in Ukraine, some prefer to stay with their animals.

The Ugolek Shelter takes care of large farm animals — cows, horses, sheep, etc. — who will not be able to leave the country easily. You can support them through Patreon.



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Sirius is also one such group that has been caring for stray animals in Kyiv for over 20 years. Sirius announced on Instagram, «We’re here. We’re not going to run! We must believe in our country and our defenders!” Their site is here.

Happy Paw from Kyiv also helps coordinate aid and supplies to many shelters across Ukraine.
To support the Ukrainian people in need of help during this crisis, please contact groups such as the Refugee Agency and the Red Cross.

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